Wood Plantation Shutters

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Stained Wood Plantation Shutters

Blinds By Design offers Basswood Plantation Shutters because they are extremely high quality plantation shutters at a reasonable price. Basswood is commonly used is not only in the shutter industry due its fine grain, staining properties and resistance to warping but also used extensively in the furniture industry. As if that were not enough, if you prefer to have your plantation shutters painted, that is also easily accomplished.

Wood Plantation Shutters from Blinds By Design features include:
  • Louvers available in 1-7/8, 2-1/2, 3-1/2, and 4-1/2 inch widths.
  • Elliptical louver profile.
  • Solid basswood construction.
  • Seven standard stains and three standard paints
  • Fully framed if desired. You have your choice of Basswood frames and inside or outside mount to ensure best look and fit for your windows.
  • Installation included in price
  • Manufacturer’s Lifetime Limited Warranty

Expect Quality from Blinds By Design


orlando plantation shutters - white wood

White Wood Plantation Shutters

Wood plantation shutters from Blinds By Design are assembled using dowel joinery which ensures solid construction. Louver tilting tension can be adjusted through a tensioning screw on each panel installed. The Stiles vary but are usually 1-1/16 inch thick. The rails are recessed in the typical and traditional manner at 3/4 inch thick. The shutters are attached to the stiles using heavy duty hinges that support the weight of the panels. All hinges are premounted to the plantation shutter panels (not frame). When Blinds By Design installs your wood plantation shutters we make sure we only use the best hardware to ensure long term quality and use. 


The stiles on painted or unfinished paint grade plantation shutters may be made from multiple pieces of wood. This provides for additional stability and resistance to warping. This is sometimes referred to as finger joinery. Stained shutters will not have finger joints unless the height necessitates it. This occurs when the stiles are around 72 inches long or longer. Even so, the “fingers” of the finger joint are NOT visible from the front of the shutters. They are only visible when looking at the stile from the side. The front maintains a smooth transition from one piece of wood to the next just like any other piece of fine furniture.

Operable or Fixed Louvers on your Plantation Shutters?

Wood Plantation Shutters from Orlando Plantation Shutters are available with either operable louvers (standard) or fixed louvers. If you are using your plantation shutters for something other than window coverings like closet doors, room dividers, wall decorations or cabinet doors,  the fixed louver is a popular option for those installations. If you choose fixed Louvers, they can be fixed in either of the options below:
  • Lock them into place with a tension screw – When orlando plantation shutters installs your new wood plantation shutters we will install the standard operable louvers. We then will work together to adjust the louvers to any angle you prefer and tighten the louver tension screw to secure them into the fixed position.
  • Order them already locked into place – When you place your order with orlando plantation shutters we show up with the plantation shutters already locked into place and ready to go. This is a no charge option. You specify at what angle you would like your louvers fixed and the factory builds them accordingly. The factory fixes them in position by joining the louvers to the stiles using two dowels in each end of each louver. When you do fixed louvers in this manner, the tilt bar is eliminated since there is no longer a need for it.

Blinds By Design comes to you

One of the unique features of our business at Blinds By Design is we have a mobile showroom that we bring to your home. This allows us to show you all the options like style, size, color, etc for your wood plantation shutters. With over 7000 samples we will be able to find something matches and compliments the existing colors of your home. This enables customers of Blinds By Design to never have to leave their house looking at countless options at the store wondering if the shutters they’re looking will look good in their home. We will be able to show you exactly what your new plantation shutters will look like when they are finished.

Our staff at orlando plantation shutters have been trained by Hunter Douglas, Norman Shutters, Somfy and many other manufactures.

Blinds By Design prices will not be beat

Blinds By Designs is able to buy direct from the manufacturer which allows us to negotiate the best possible price for your plantation shutters. Allow Blinds By Design to come to your home, show you what the options are and give you a quote that we know will not be matched by any our our competitors.

If you’re ready to order your wood plantation shutters from Orlando Plantation Shutters, give us a call today at 407-583-9777